2023-11-16: Opening hours for the holidays

17.11.23 – 10.00 - 17.00

18.11.23 – 10.00 - 14.00

19.11.23 – CLOSED

20.11.23 – CLOSED

2021-06-07: Redmoor root
Redmoor root is now on sale

Redmoor root is now on sale. Available in 5 sizes. Excellent decorations for terrarium, aquarium, etc.

2021-06-01: Terrarium
Exo Terra terrariums are on sale

Exo Terra terrariums are on sale

2021-05-17: Chameleon terrariums
Chameleon terrariums for Sale

We have for sale terrariums of American company Zoomed. Is available 4 sizes.


We offer 2 types of payment:

• In cash

• Wire transfer prepayment to our bank account. Purchased goods are available once your transfer is received on our bank account.

Payment cards are not accepted at the time being.